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Push Camera System Tired of guess-work?

One Touch Recording and Snapshots

"On-demand" recording and snapshot buttons that record videos and pictures to a USB to speed up inspection time

On-Screen Text and Footage Counter

Use the simple keyboard to enter text and view/reset footage counter on-screen to eliminate guess-work

10.4" LCD Screen

Inspect even the smallest details with a high resolution monitor that displays quality videos to reduce errors

Built-in Microphone and Speaker

Easily record voiceover to detail every inspection

Built-in 512 Hz Frequency Sonde Cord

Broadcast a 512 Hz frequency to locate with a 512 Hz locator for no additional cost
S1E Optical Push Camera
Push Camera System Opticam

Features & Benefits

  • Inspects 2"-12" pipelines
  • 1.3" Modular Camera
  • High resolution video quality
  • Flex-guard spring allows 90 degree bends
  • H.264 video recording format
  • Command module detaches
  • .475" OD cable
  • 10" off-road wheels
  • Impact resistant hard case
  • 200', 300' and 400' push cable
  • Built with frame for portability and ease-of-use
  • Wi-Fi Streaming with Apple or Android App


Part No. Iris Pan & Tilt Description
I-PushCam200 200’ Push Camera
I-PushCam300 300’ Push Camera
I-PushCam400 400’ Push Camera
I-PushDisp Camera Display with Case

512hz Transmitter