SealGuard II

Stop leaks at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods—quickly, easily and permanently. SealGuard II, a Polyurethane Grout, is designed for high inflows in precast, cement or brick underground infrastructure to effectively seal active infiltration and leakage in even the smallest fractures.

  • Patented design
  • Cure flow rates up to 3 LPS
  • 13,700PSI comprehensive strength
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    Bond and seal concrete, metal, plastic, wood and pre-cast connections with a hydrophobic sealant simply and effectively. XSeal is a single component, hydrophobic polyurethane sealant, when used as an adhesive and sealant, the product successfully locks out infiltration,

  • 15 minute cure time
  • Non-shrinking hydrophobic qualities
  • Provides a permanent seal
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    Instantly stop water infiltration, with a closed cell hydrophobic grout. HyperFlex is a single component, pre-catalyzed hydrophobic polyurethane grout that has proven to be extremely versatile in a variety of infrastructure rehabilitation applications.

  • Non-shrinking hydrophobic qualities
  • Slower reaction for maximum coverage
  • Ready-to-use
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