CIPP Tee and Wye Lateral Seal System

PipePatch Lateral Seal Create a 360° or top hat CIPP tee and wye lateral connection from the main

The PipePatch Lateral Seal system creates a 360° or top hat CIPP lateral connection installed from the main during live flow using the nearest manhole without needing access to the homeowners property. Designed with non-shrinking components proven effective and longlasting in the most aggressive sewer conditions.

PipePatch Lateral Seal can be used with PVC or CIPP liners, as well as mechanically anchors and bonds to concrete, PVC or vitrified house service lines. Once installed, the system forms a smooth transition with the liner or pipe, leading a minimal reduction in cross sectional areas. The system can be used in a wide range of junction configurations and is designed to extend 6” into the lateral.


  • Protects against infiltration and exfiltration
  • Seals pipeline and the service line
  • Compatible with PVC liners and bonds with concrete, PVC and vitrified clay service line
  • Short cure-time and easy installation
  • Available in tee and wye configurations for 360° or top hat
  • Does not disrupt service

Technical Specifications

  • Trenchless point repair technology
  • Ambient cure time
  • 8-12” mainline and 4”-6” lateral line 360°
  • Pre-packaged kitted system
  • Patented design
  • Installation methods include both a Manual
  • Installation System and Robot Installation System
  • Powered by Schwalm USA

PipePatch Lateral Seal Equipment

Lateral Seal Repair Packers
Part No. Description
FPP-PACK-TH44” Schwalm rubber top hat
FPP-PACK-TH66” Schwalm rubber top hat
FPP-PACK-TY-66” Non-flow-fhrough Schwalm packer
FPP-PACK-TY-77” Non-flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-PACK-TY-88” Non-flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-PACK-TY-8FT8” Flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-PACK-TY-10-12FT10”-12” Flow-through Schwalm packer
Lateral Seal 360° Main Tee Resin Repair Kit
Part No. Description
FPP6X4TEE4” Schwalm rubber top hat
FPP-6X6TEE6” Schwalm rubber top hat
FPP-8X4TEE6” Non-flow-fhrough Schwalm packer
FPP-8X6TEE7” Non-flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-10X4TEE8” Non-flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-10X6TEE8” Flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-12X4TEE10”-12” Flow-through Schwalm packer
FPP-12X6TEE 12” x 6” Full Loop Tee Kit
Lateral Seal 360° Main Tee Resin Repair Kit
Part No. Description
FPP-6X4WYE 6” x 4” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-6X6WYE 6” x 6” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-8X4WYE8” x 4” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-8X6WYE8” x 6” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-10X4WYE10” x 4 Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-10X6WYE10” x 6” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-12X4WYE12” x 4” Full Loop Wye Kit
FPP-12X6WYE 12” x 6” Full Loop Wye Kit
Top Hat Tee Resin Repair Kit
Part No. Description
FPP-4T-TH4” Tee Top Hat Kit
FPP-5T-TH5” Tee Top Hat Kit
FPP-6T-TH6” Tee Top Hat Kit
Top Hat Wye Resin Repair Kit
Part No. Description
FPP-4Y-TH4” Wye Top Hat Kit
FPP-5Y-TH5” Wye Top Hat Kit
FPP-6Y-TH6” Wye Top Hat Kit
Lateral Seal Equipment
Part No. Description
FPP-REG-LATRegulator For Schwalm System
FPP-RESINGUNResin Gun For Schwalm System
FPP-AIRHOSE150150’ Air Hose For Schwalm Packer
FPP-PUSHROD-PSchwalm Pushrod-Puck Connection
FPP-PUSHROD-TYSchwalm 5’ Steel Push Rod
Lateral Seal 360° Main Tee Resin Repair Kit
Part No. Description
I-TYCABLE100’ Coax Cable
I-TYCAMSYSTEMManual System Camera
Cutter SystemSchwalm Robotic Cutter
Schwalm Robotic Cutter
For more information on the Schwalm Robotic Cutter, please contact S1E at (877) 450-3701