PipePatch Xtend

  • LONG RUN PIPE REPAIR SOLUTION: Available in 10' and 15' length packers
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Avoid costly and disruptive excavations and replacements
  • PERMANENT & LONG LASTING: 50 year repair life guaranteed
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Contains no VOCs or Styrene

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Product Description

Source One Environmental now makes long trenchless pipe repairs easy and fast. We’re proud to introduce the new PipePatch XTEND to our product line-up with it’s extra-long packer and reliable performance. For use on 3” - 10” diameter pipes, the PipePatch Xtend comes with today’s most-complete “pull-in-place” liner kit. Ideal for structural repairs, the PipePatch XTEND is extremely durable and ultimately reduces the need for excavation. Packers are essential equipment for no-dig pipe repair as they are used for positioning the patch and holding it during curing. Does NOT work on 45° or 90° bends or transitions from one size to another.