Pillow Repair System

PipePlug Lateral Termination


The PipePatch Pillow system enables large diameter CIPP rehabilitation repairs, without removing/excavating any part       of the manhole or catch basin. The Pillow is extremely flexible, allowing the installer the ability to complete repairs through most manholes and pipes up to  72". Ideal for storm and     sewer rehabilitation such as Department of Transportation drains, railway culverts and interceptors.

Technical Data

  • Resistance to 63+ chemicals and oils
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous, cures in the presence of water
  • Structural properties exceed requirements of ASTM F 1216
  • Average tensile strength: 24, 500 psi
  • Average flexural strength: 27,500 psi
  • Average flexural modulus: 1, 345,000 psi




   Application Advantages

  • Available in 15"-24", 30"-36", 42"-48", & 60"-72" pipe
  • Flexibile for manuvering through conditions
  • Easy navigation within pipe
  • Eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavations
  • Creates a structural repair
  • Fast cure-time
  • Safe for storm and sewer systems
  • 50 year repair life guaranteed 
  • Odorless and ideal for working in confined spaces