Lateral Non-Flow Through Packers


  • Reduces the need for excavation
  • Repairs can be made year round
  • Smooths the transition of offset pipes
  • Stripe Color: White


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Flow Through Packers


  • Flexible and easy to maneuver
  • Eliminates road closures and traffic backups during repairs
  • Adjustable Wheels
  • Stripe Color: White


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HD Packers


  • Designed for entry into smaller pipes
  • Specialty Navigation Ball for 45° and 90° Elbows
  • Undersized rubber nose and tail to allow for easy Packer removal
  • Excellent Maneuverability


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Specialty Packers

Pillow Packers

Diameter Range: 15" - 72"
Ideal Application: Storm and Sewer Rehabilitation

Xtend Packers

Diameter Range: 3" - 10"
Ideal Applications: Long-run pipe repairs

Elbow Packers

Diameter Range: 2" - 10"
Ideal Application: Bend and elbow sewer fittings

Mechanical Seal Packers

Diameter Range: 6" - 12"
Ideal Application: Process water, wastewater, salt water, fuel and gas lines

UV Packer

Diameter Range: 6" - 12"
Ideal Application: Quick repairs, featuring a 10 minute cure time

Plug and End Packers

Diameter Range: 2" - 8"
Ideal Application: Termination of unwanted laterals

Tee and Wye Packers

Diameter Range: 10"-24"
Ideal Application: Repair Mainline and Laterals with access to homeowners property or disruption of live flow.