Water and tree roots entering a sewer line through holes, breaks and joint failures can significantly reduce the performance of the sewer system both from the residence to the city service main line causing costly excavation and repair. By utilizing the PipePatch system with it’s exceptional bonding properties you can significantly reduce this infiltration and leakage by restoring function and flow within hours not days.

S1E manufactures solutions that offer homeowners and plumbers a non-invasive alternative to repairing lateral lines and water infiltration. These tools not only save time and money, but provide a return on investment that far exceeds traditional dig and replace methods. Our products allow you the ability to meet customer needs without digging or permits--what traditionally could take days, only takes hours. 

Additionally, the patented and innovative technology of the No-Dig PipePatch portable system is convenient, cost-effective and time saving in permanently repairing supply and/or return lines in pools, spa, hotels, hospitals, schools, and high-rise buildings where access is limited and requires extensive tear-up. Our residential repairs begin at 1.5" applications.