PipePatch - Trenchless Technology Advantages


Trenchless Technology

With an increasing rate of sanitary and storm sewer deterioration, S1E  provides an efficient and cost effective trenchless pipe repair solution. PipePatch’s No Dig trenchless technology eliminates the time-consuming and expensive need for digging and maneuvering around utilities, allowing organizations to target the infiltration directly with CIPP point repair process.

With PipePatch's trenchless technology, organizations no longer have to replace surfaces like sidewalks, pavements, landscape and sod when rehabilitating sewer or stormwater pipelines. PipePatch eliminates the negative impacts that would affect the daily activities of people, businesses, homes, and traffic in the area, while eliminating environmental pollution and undesirable noise. As organizations begin to adopt point repair systems more often, PipePatch continues to bring quality service and materials to each customer and pipe rehabilitation. 

Pre-Measured Kitted System

PipePatch is supplied in a kitted format, with applications for 1 ½” through 72” pipe and offer 2' and 4' patches. Each kit contains the necessary pre-measured items, including resin, fiberglass mat and other consumables, to carry out a successful trenchless pipe repair. The precisely measured consumables ensure that the repair can be carried out to its full capability. This process guarantees an outstanding repair for each customer and eliminates the need for large storage areas, installation guess-work, and excess product waste. 

PipePatch Resin

PipePatch utilizes a patented, non-hazardous resin that is odor-less, non-flammable and cures in the presence of hydrogen and oxygen, containing no VOCs or Styrene. While it is beneficial to clean debris from the area of repair, the presence of water and even heavy infiltration does not limit our ability to complete a trenchless repair. We offer summer and winter blends depending on the geographic region our customers are located  in for the curing process to perform in the most extreme hot and cold conditions. With outstanding bonding properties to most materials and resistance to 63+ chemicals and oils, PipePatch’s resin does not requires special transport or disposal considerations—resulting in an environmentally sound substance.

PipePatch Fiberglass Mat

Utilizing a patented reinforced fiberglass line, our product establishes a mechanical bond to the host pipe that eliminates water infiltration and creates structurally rehabilitated repair.The key design concept for PipePatch’s CIPP installation is the ability for the pipe to withstand buckling, which typically occurs from persistent loads of ground water, soil, and live loads. This issue causes pipe creeping and reduces its capability to resist external pressures. With trenchless technology, both the resin and fiberglass mat combine to eliminate any potential hazards that may occur after the repair is made. 

Low Investment

The No Dig process offers a cost-efficient solution that allows our customers to focus on the repair, not the investment. S1E does not limit customers to assigned territories through franchisee or any type of licensure. The startup fee is limited to the equipment needs based on the size pipe and repairs that you want to complete. Our customers often see a complete return on their investment in the very first project. 

Utilized Worldwide

For over 10 years, PipePatch has been improving underground sewer and storm water infrastructure systems internationally. In addition to our offices in the United States, we are located in England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Our PipePatch product is known as Pipe Doctor in Europe. As S1E continues to cultivate international relationships, PipePatch continues to stand as an innovative, long-lasting trenchless product leader.