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S1E Lateral Lining System

Lateral Lining System

S1E Lateral Lining System Liner Types

Various types of liners are available depending on requirements and field of application. Special sizes and lengths of liners are available upon request.

Liner Types - Lateral Lining System
Pipe diameters 2" - 10"
Quad-Cure Liner Flexi 4D Quad-Cure Liner | Scrim Reinforced Quad-Cure Sewn In Transition Liner
4" x 4.5 mm 6" x 4.5 mm 3" - 8" x 3mm ST 3" to 4" & 4" to 6" Liner x 3mm
Non-woven, needle punched PE felt liner with an impermeable polyurethane coating. Non-woven, needle punched polyester fiber with a 100% continuous polyester filament
scrim to limit longitudinal stretch. Polyurethane coated.

30 feet to 70 feet, 3m 

50 feet to 50 feet, 3m 

70 feet to 30 feet, 3m 

Diameter Range: 4” (will stretch up to 6”), larger sizes available | Performance Features:
of changing circumferences up to 4 diameters (4D), navigates bends up to 90°.
Diameter Range: 3” or greater pipes | Performance Features: Excellent for long, straight shots. PU Coated


Quad-Cure Liner | Non-Woven Quad-Cure Liner FlexiLiner | 90 Quad-Cure Liner | Standard Tube
3" - 8" x 4.5 mm 3" - 6" x 2mm & 3" - 8" x 4.5 mm 4" - 6" x 3 mm 4" - 6" x 4.5 mm
Non-woven, circular looped PE, uniquely bonded to a seamless, impermeable polyurethane
coating. Diameter Range: 2”-8”
Highly flexible, single-layer liner, capable of navigating multiple bends up to 90° and transitions. Polyurethane coating. Non-woven, needle punched PE felt, uniquely bonded
to an impermeable PU coating with special stitched seam.
Non-woven, needle punched polyester fiber capable of navigating sweeping bends.
Performance Features: Extremely flexible, ideal for pipes with multiple bends, navigates bends up to 90° with minimal wrinkles. Diameter Range: 2” pipes and
larger | Performance Features: Navigates transitions and multiple bends up to 90°.
Diameter Range: 3" and greater diameter pipes - Performance Features: Best for open-ended (blind shots), navigates sweeping bends up to 90°.