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S1E Lateral Lining System

Lateral Lining System

Lateral Lining System CIPP Lateral Lining Consumables

S1E offers CIPP lateral lining consumables for trenchless sewer rehabilitation for 2"-8" pipe. The inversion process utilizes a felt liner with an epoxy resin to provide a jointless repair, allowing installers to rehabilitate just a small portion of pipe or a run up to 450'. Our materials can be cured with ambient temperatures, but S1E recommends hot water or steam cure. When complete, the lining system rehabilitates the entire sewer line and creates a structural barrier against exterior elements--all without the need for an excavation.

Lateral Lining Program Consumables

Features & Benefits

S1E offers three liner types:

  • Brawoliner
  • Flex Liner
  • PVC Liner

All liners are suitable for trenchless pipe relining and are able to be cured with ambient temperatures, hot water, or steam. The Brawoliner is our most versatile liner offered, allowing it to be ideal for most applications.

Inversion Liners

Inversion Liners


With a premium liner that is woven and seamless, Brawoliner is top-line for installations with 45° and 90° bends.

Part No. Description
S1E-2-BRAWO164 2" Brawoliner Roll - 164 ft.
S1E-3-BRAWO328 3" Brawoliner Roll - 328 ft.
S1E-4-BRAWO328 4" Brawoliner Roll - 328 ft.
S1E-6-BRAWO328 6" Brawoliner Roll - 328 ft.
S1E-8-BRAWO328 8" Brawoliner Roll - 328 ft.

Flex Liner

The Flex liner is a more economical choice for installations with 45°bends, 90° bends and/or with multiple diameter transitions.

Part No. Description
S1E-3-4FX328 3" Flex Liner - 328 ft.
S1E-4-6FX328 4" Flex Liner - 328 ft.
S1E-6-8FX328 6" Flex Liner - 328 ft.

PVC Liner

S1E's PVC Liner includes a 3mm wall thickness and is an economical choice for installations without bends or transitions. Our liner systems are ideal for a lateral line that has multiple issues and cannot be rehabilitated with a spot repair solution.

Part No. Description
S1E-3X4mm328 4" PVC Liner, 3 mm thick - 328 ft.
S1E-6X3mm328 6" PVC Liner, 3 mm thick - 328 ft.
S1E-8X3mm328 8" PVC Liner, 3 mm thick - 328 ft.

Epoxy Resins

S1E's standard epoxy resin systems are compatible with steam, hot water and ambient cure. Ideal for relining small pipes and full length laterals, these resins offer versatility for rehabilitation applications that require a lining system. Both systems offer safe and easy handling throughout the installation. S1E offers resins with a 30-minute pot life and a 60-minute pot life.

Epoxy Resins
Part No. Description
S1E-E30 30 Minute Epoxy Resin - 32 lbs. Resin / 8 lbs. Hardener
S1E-E60 60 Minute Epoxy Resin - 32 lbs. Resin / 8 lbs. Hardener

Calibration Hoses

S1E's Calibration Tube comes in a beige color and is 328 ft. long. The product's material is a PVC-based tubular film and offers flexibility up to 90° bends. The S1E Calibration Tube is compatible with all resin and liner types.

Calibration Hoses
Part No. Description
S1E-2-BG164 2" Calibration Tube - 164 ft.
S1E-3-BG328 3" Calibration Tube - 328 ft.
S1E-4-BG328 4" Calibration Tube - 328 ft.
S1E-6-BG328 6" Calibration Tube - 328 ft.
S1E-8-BG328 8" Calibration Tube - 328 ft.