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Custom Stencil for PipePatch Installs

Custom PipePatch Stencils


Have you ever thought, "Hey I wonder if I can personalize my PipePatch installations with a logo or my business name!?"


The answer is YES! You may purchase customized sheets to apply to your PipePatch installs. Contact your S1E rep or give our customer service a call for more information and pricing.


"As a one man shop, being an authorized S1E installer has allowed my business to take on specific sewer problems and provide a permanent cost effective solution to the customer without the need for subs or changing my business model. Having my name or even my logo on the installed patch prevents others from passing off my work as their own, informs building inspectors that I'm using a code approved process and materials and more importantly...customers know I have so much confidence in the Pipepatch system that I'll put my name on it."


- From Sinks to Sewers

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