Thunder Sluice 300
  • LUBRICATION SPRAY SYSTEM:Built-in spray system evenly lubricates liner
  • MOBILE: Easily navigate through jobsites with large wheels and sturdy handles
  • UNIVERSAL COUPLING:Storz compatible coupling
  • VERSATILE:Suitable for ambient, hot water, steam and LED UV light curing/li>
  • PREMIUM FITTINGS:Smartly placed premium fittings offer accessibility and monitoring at a glance

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Made for Continuous shooting doesn't limit you on repair lengths.

Make your team or more efficientwith fewer operators.

Folds flat tosave spaceon the truck

Product Description

The Armor Thunder Sluice 300 is a CIPP lining inversion machine designed for limitless length pipe repairs up to 12” in diameter. It’s a two-chamber system with simple controls, compact design and is built from tough stainless steel to ensure a long service life. The Thunder Sluice 300 is compatible with multiple cure methods including air, water, steam, UV or LED light systems like MICROcure®.

Unlike inversion drums, sluices allow you to work continuously without needing to manually wind resin-impregnated liner through the unit. It offers a seamless installation experience while letting you use your preferred liner, resin and cure method. Complete your inversion lining arsenal with an Armor Thunder Sluice.

Product Specifications


176 lbs


25 x 30 x 71 in

Max. Pressure

21 psi (1.5 bar)



Control Window

4 in. Diameter


8" Storz

Max. Liner Length

  • 4 - 8 in = infinite ft
  • Safety Valve

    21 psi (1.5 bar)

    Cure Method

    Air, Steam, Hot Water, UV Light

    Max. Temperature

    212 F (100 C)