Calibration UnitMINI

  • Optimum preparation of the liner - for various pipe dimensions
  • Evenly distributes mixed resin throughout the length of the liner
  • Applicable with various rehabilitation packers.
  • Pressure monitoring by means of control valves and manometers

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Easily wet out your liner using the electric foot pedal or operation.

Evenly Saturates liner with resin to prevent waste

Non-stick rollers let liner glide through the unit.

Product Description

The Armor Mini calibration unit is an electric wet-out roller for liners up to 12” in diameter. This unit evenly distributes mixed resin throughout the length of the liner to reduce waste. The electric drive allows you to control the speed of the wet-out process with a foot pedal and a built-in emergency stop offers an extra level of protection.

This unit was designed to be mobile so you can take it from your truck to the jobsite with ease.

Product Specifications


66 lbs


12 x 29 x 14 in

Liner Dimensions

12 in.

Roller Table



Mobile Version

Protective Cover


Roller Drive

  • Electric
  • Height Adjustment

    Manually with Handle