PipePatch is Successful in Ontario, Canada

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Point Edward, ON
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“When I was dealing with the customer originally, we were going to remove his porch and dig down to replace broken sewer. It was at this time our company decided to contact Source One and see about the pipe patch, as the customer asked if there were any alternatives to fix the problem instead of diggingup at his front entrance. We gave him a quote for replacing broken sewer and repair of sewer with Fernco pipe patch. Our estimate to replace sewer was $5,075.00 plus gst. This included excavation to replace broken pipe, removal of rail and block porch, re-cement and replace rail. The estimate to repair broken sewer was $2,975.00 plus gst. This included installing Source One pipe patch, camera and power wash. The savings for the customer was $2,100.00 plus gst. The savings was really even more for the customer due to no landscaping needed to be done which would have been an additional cost. To be very honest with you, I was very skeptical about Source One pipe patch. I felt the only way to repair a sewer and be able to guarantee ourwork was to excavate and replace. After using Source One pipe patch I can honestly feel comfortable guaranteeing our work and saving money for our customers by using Source One pipe patch. I really appreciated your company taking the time to show up at the job and train myself and two other mechanics on using Source One pipe patch. I will definitely recommend Source One pipe patch to our customers in the future.”