PipePatch is Important to Maintenance Program for Wastewater Collection System

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Operations Manager
Saint John Water

Saint John Water has been using the Pipe Patch system for over one year now. Due to the simplicity of the product and its intended use, we have integrated the Pipe Patch system as part of our preventative maintenance program on our main line wastewater collection system. We have had great success using the pipe patch for single point repairs and consecutive patch repairs.

Source One Enviromental has been great in getting our crew trained and comfortable with using the product and he continues to provide great product support. We were so pleased with the cost effectiveness of performing 8" and 10" patches that in 2014, we expanded our equipment so that we can not perform patches up to 15".

I would strongly recommend this system for anyone that does this kind of work. If you would like to speak to me directly, I can be reached at 506-658-2856 or by email at [email protected].