Customers Extremely Satisfied with Trenchless Technology in Toronto

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I wanted to share our success story. The procedure was a little tricky with the cleanout very close to the location of the broken pipe making for a very shallow turn and not much wiggle room. Dwayne is a master! I'm sure it was a lot of effort but he made it look smooth. Bob Bielawski from Armco was observing too. Apologies to Dwayne for the close scrutiny. I was very curious about the process. The clay sewer pipe is now beautifully patched at 1/3 of the cost of the traditional 'excavation and replacement approach', in just a few hours and with no destruction to my property. I am a thrilled customer. EVERYONE was extremely helpful, polite and very responsive. I think you have a fabulous product that deserves to be much better known. Thanks again to everyone.”