PipePatch Gives Levine & Sons Competitive Edge

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Levine & Sons
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Pipe Patch has given my company the ability to offer our customers unique sewet·line repairs without digging. Pipe Patch has given us a major competitive advantage over our competition. We can now offer pipe sleeving solutions due to Pipe Patch can make a water tight seal (from the inside of the sewer line) on the down stream connection without digging and installing a fernco connector Pipe Patch has given us the ability to reline 2' or 4' sections of sewer line at a very competitive price. Pipe Patch can reline 4" x 6" transitions without any flaws. Pipe Patch can make tap repairs right up to the city main without nny won·y of the packer rupturing because it is not l 00% inside the pipe. PipePatch has been the perfect addition to our No Dig Sewer line repair solutions. I would recommend Pipe Patch to everyone, except my competition.

lt is reassuring to know that Pipe Patch has the technical support to address any challenging field situations I have come across. Chad Miller our sales representive has been instrumental in helping us come up with solutions to never been done trench less sewer line repairs.