Toledo, Ohio Commits to PipePatch Trenchless Technology

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City of Toledo, Division of Sewer and Drainage Service
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I am writing in regards to one of the most innovative products the City of Toledo’s Division of Sewer and Drainage Services has used in some time, Source One Environmental's PipePatch Cured in Place Point Repair Trenchless Technology. The initial demonstration project on a newly resurfaced street saved us the expense of digging new asphalt, curb and a drive approach, as well as the expense of replacing extensive landscape in a backyard easement.

Since the initial demonstration we have committed to developing a Trenchless Pipe Patch Repair Program. Sewer and Drainage Services purchased a specially equipped vehicle, packers, kits, and we’ve trained a deployment team to make the most of the trenchless repair process. This technology saves time and money, and gives the City of Toledo, Division of Sewer and Drainage Services the ability to work smarter not harder.