Historic Area of Montgomery, OH Repaired with PipePatch

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The City of Montgomery, OH
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The City of Montgomery, OH was experiencing a major sinkhole in a very old and historic part of downtown on Montgomery Rd. which served as a main artery for local traffic. Upon CCTV inspection, Tele-Vac Environmental found the culprit; a 24" VCP storm sewer which tied into a 60" galvanized steel road culvert was missing the last two sections of pipe. The engineering department needed something non-invasive, yet structural to rehabilitate this massive void, and keep from having to traditionally excavate Montgomery Rd. Once the measurement was obtained, it was determined that two 24 X 48" PipePatch kits be used to structurally rehabilitate the void and allow for a contractor to put the earth back on top of the pipe that had been washed out.

From set up to tear down, the entire job took roughly six hours (as oppose to days) to get the job completed and traffic was constantly flowing throughout the duration of the two repairs. The City of Montgomery experienced tremendous cost savings, on top of avoiding negative press and public opinion from shutting down a major thoroughfare during the middle of a work week.