Assisted Living Facility is Repaired with CIPP Trenchless Technology in Brook Park, Ohio

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Brook Park, OH
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In Brook Park, OH an assisted living facility was experiencing major issues with the 4" cast iron main sewer line running directly underneath the main hallway of the facility. After multiple back ups, the facility contacted a local plumber to jet and televise the sewer to see what could be done. After the line was cleaned and televised, it was discovered that the entire bottom of the main sewer was rotted and was majorly hindering flow. Due to the large amount of residents that were suffering from dementia at this facility, the traditional dig and replace methodology was not wanted due to the major disruptions it would have caused the residents during their rehabilitation sessions. In the 50 ft. of pipe that was damaged, there were six tie ins from residents bathrooms. Therefore, a full lining alternative was not a cost effective option due to the reinstating of the laterals. It was determined that the only true, trenchless solution for this particular application was PipePatch.

The 4" cast iron floor cleanouts served as the only access points to get the bladder in place. The bladder manipulated the cleanout easily, and the plumber was able to repair the 50 ft. of cast iron pipe without digging allowing for no disruptions to the residents in this facility. The Mayor of Brook Park's mother happened to be a resident at this facility suffering from Dementia, and was very pleased that the local contractor was able to offer the best possible solution for the hardship that this facility was faced with.