PipePatch Factory Trained Installer Request

Trained Installer
Authorized Trainer

Sales Policy

This “PipePatch” is a stand alone Source 1 Environmental product line and, as such, all terms of sale are “PipePatch” specific. All “Contractor Installers” of “PipePatch” by Source 1 Environmental must be trained in the correct application and installation of this product group and such training must be given by an authorized Source 1 Environmental trainer. Source 1 Environmental, warrants this product against all defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one (1) year and will replace any defective product returned to it within this time period. The complete Limited Warranty can be reviewed, as printed, on our “PipePatch” by Source 1 Environmental price list. Source 1 Environmental reserves the right to add the Trained Installers name to a data base being compiled by Source 1 Environmental in order to advise such Trained Installers of future new products or new uses for “PipePatch” by Source 1 Environmental.

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