Solutions for Safe and Sustainable CIPP Trenchless Work


Transforming Pipeline Rehabilitation: Eco-Friendly Resins for Enhanced Worker Safety and Environmental Responsibility
Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology offers a trenchless method for rehabilitating underground pipelines, eliminating the need for extensive excavation. Source One Environmental’s (S1E) lineup of trenchless Spot Repair and CIPP Lining resins offer exceptional performance while providing environmentally safe solutions that contain NO harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produce little to no odor.

Environmentally Safe and People-Friendly
S1E's CIPP resins are intentionally designed to have zero VOC emissions. Unlike other CIPP resins that contain styrene, S1E's VOC-free resins dramatically reduce the risk of respiratory or allergic reactions among installers and the surrounding communities. S1E’s lineup of resins adheres to stringent environmental and occupational safety regulations, ensuring that they meet or exceed industry standards. The resins undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their suitability for use in CIPP trenchless work, providing peace of mind to workers and others who are in close contact to the repairs.

“CIPP contractors and surrounding communities can have peace of mind when using S1E resins,” said Steve Kerby, Director of Sales at Source One Environmental. “The absence of VOCs and strong odors enhances the overall experience and reduces any potential discomfort so installers can stay focused on the job at hand.”

Overall, Source One’s family of resins exemplify a major advancement in CIPP trenchless work, offering environmentally safe and people-friendly solutions for pipeline rehabilitation. These resins prioritize the well-being of workers and the surrounding communities with a reputation throughout the industry for their NO VOC emissions, non-toxic formulation, absence of strong odors, and adherence to safety regulations.

About S1E
Established in 2009, Source One Environmental (S1E) revolutionizes water management and infrastructure rehabilitation markets by delivering innovative solutions to municipalities, contractors, and plumbers. S1E and its partners lead the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and cost-effective trenchless repair products, complemented by on-site and virtual training and consultations for customers.