Source One Environmental Unveils New Trenchless Pipe Repair System: PipePatch ONE

Source One Environmental Unveils New Trenchless Pipe Repair System: PipePatch ONE

Source One Environmental (S1E) has introduced a brand new addition to their line of trenchless pipe repair. PipePatch ONE is an all-in-one no dig solution for plumbers of all skill levels. If you’re curious about doing no-dig repairs but don’t want to invest in a lot of equipment, this product is a great starting point.

Able to fix damaged areas up to 24-inches in length, PipePatch ONE is available for 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch diameter pipe. Its easy-to-follow instructions allow for one or two plumbers to knock each repair instead of 3 or more. And since there’s no excavation involved, most projects finish within the day.

PipePatch ONE’s packaging was designed with the work truck in mind. All components including the packer, resin and push hose, come packed in a simple lift-open box. The only items a professional needs to include for themselves is a sewer camera, air compressor, air hose, wire cutters, tape measure and a section of pipe for test inflations.

All of PipePatch ONE’s features culminate in a trenchless pipe repair product that ultimately grows your business while providing a new service offering to your customers.

S1E has created an instructional video guide to explain the installation process. Coupled with the company’s unparalleled record of training and extensive customer support, S1E will go the extra mile to set your business up for success.

To learn more about PipePatch ONE, please give us a call at 877-450-3701.

About S1E: Source One Environmental (S1E) was established in 2009 to provide innovative solutions for municipalities, contractors and plumbers in the water management and infrastructure rehabilitation markets. S1E manufacturers trenchless repair products that provide customers with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution while offering on-site training and consultations.