Thunder Drum 800

  • VERSATILE: Suitable for Ambient, Hot Water, Steam and UV Light Curing
  • 100% MOBILITY: Mobile and flexible due to rollers and weight optimization with removable transport handle
  • 2 OPTIONS: Hand wheel mountable on both sides
  • QUICKLY SWAP COUPLINGS: Storz Compatible Coupling to Quickly Swap Accessories
  • PREMIUM FITTINGS: Smartly Placed for Quick Accessibility and Monitoring
  • LINER VISIBILITY: Multiple Windows Allow for Maximum Visibility of In-Unit Liner Movement
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High Capacity fits up to 196' of 4" Liner 164' of 6" Liner or 132' of 8" Liner

Easy to remove transport handle and hand wheel

Fits through all standard residential and commercial doorways

Product Description

The Thunder Drum 800 by Armor is a versatile CIPP inversion lining drum that rehabilitates pipe diameters 12” and below. This range in sizing makes the 800 drum ideal for sewer laterals or in-home residential repairs. Engineered in Germany, this drum is built from tough stainless steel and has premium fittings to ensure a long service life.

Armor drums provide efficient and uniform inversion of the liner into the pipe, ensuring a smooth and consistent installation. They’re compatible with multiple cure methods including water, steam, and UV/LED light systems like MICROcure®.

Product Specifications


331 lbs


30 x 52 x 55 in

Max. Pressure

21 psi (1.5 bar)

Drum Diameter

32 in.

Control Window

15 x 18 in.


8" Storz

Max. Liner Length

  • 4 in = 196 ft
  • 6 in = 164 ft
  • 8 in = 132 ft
  • Safety Valve

    21 psi (1.5 bar)

    Cure Method

    Air, Steam, Hot Water, UV Light

    Max. Temperature

    212 F (100 C)