Thunder Drum 400

  • Light Weight: Easy to transfer from the truck to the jobsite
  • 100% Mobility: Compact design & transport wheels for easy navigation
  • Quick Coupling Swap: Stroz compatible coupling to quickly swap accessories
  • Premium Fittings: Smartly placed for quick accessibility and monitoring
  • Window Visibility: Large window for maximum visibility of in-unit liner movement

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Made for vertical plumbing stack repairs in locations with limited access.


Fits up to 59' of 4" Liner or 42' of 6" Liner in one compact package.


Cures resin-impregnated liner with hot water, steam, air or UV/LED light.

Product Description

The Armor Thunder Drum 400 is a small but mighty inversion drum for CIPP pipe lining. This drum repairs pipe diameters ranging from 4” to 6” in vertical or horizontal applications. It can be used in residential and commercial locations where space is limited or the repair is hard to access, like on a rooftop. Weighing in at 75 pounds, this drum has a slim profile that can be transported from truck to jobsite with ease.

Armor drums provide efficient and uniform inversion of the liner into the pipe, ensuring a smooth and consistent installation. They’re compatible with multiple cure methods including water, steam, and UV/LED light systems like MICROcure®.

Product Specifications




18 x 28 x 25 in

Max. Pressure

21 psi (1.5 bar)

Drum Diameter

16 in.

Control Window

8 in.


6" Storz

Max. Liner Length

NPS 4 / 4/25 in = 59 ft
NPS 6 / 4/25 in = 42 ft

Safety Valve

21 psi (1.5 bar)

Cure Method

Air, Steam, Hot Water, UV Light

Max. Temperature

212 F (100 C)