PipePatch CIPP Cured in Place Point Repair Systems

PipePatch Standard Repairs

Standard Repairs

Ranging from 1 1/2" to 48" pipe diameters, PipePatch challenges traditional repair methods with its innovative and trenchless solutions. The CIPP process eliminates the need for digging by utilizing a process that creates a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter.

PipePatch Phoenix Heated Repair System

Phoenix Heated Repair System

The Phoenix is a packer with an internal heater, ensuring full control of the hardening process regardless of the outside temperature. By using the Phoenix, businesses will save 50% of cure time and increase daily work capacity throughout the year.

PipePatch PipePlug Repair System

PipePlug Repair System

A trenchless, faster and stronger options to seal off the lateral prior to demolition or when rerouting the sewer is needed. Housing Authorities and Blight Programs will benefit in the cost savings when compared to traditional open-cut and concrete methods. A mainline sewer bulkhead can be installed without entering a confined space and the lateral can be terminated in about one hour. NASTT 2015 Innovative Trenchless Product of the Year Winner .

PipePatch Pillow Repair System

Pillow Repair System

Big pipe? This system enables large diameter repairs through various sizes and conditions, without removing or excavating any part of the manhole or catch basin. The Pillow Repair System is extremely light and flexible, allowing the installer the ability to complete repairs through any size manhole and various pipe sizes. Ideal for storm and sewer rehabilitation such as Department of Transportation drains, railway culverts, interceptors and chemical pipelines. 2015 NASTT Innovative Product of the Year Finalist

PipePatch Elbow Repair System

Elbow Repair System

Used to fix a section of pipe where transitional bends are inaccessible, the Elbow Packer can be pushed and pulled into place to create a wrinkle-free liner, even in a 90 degree bend. Our 100% Fiberglass Radial Point Pipe Repair Technology rehabilitates the bend, while remaining cost and time effective. This prorietary system is also an ideal solution prior to full lining by creating a smooth radius that eliminates a misguided or bunched liner.

PipePatch Transitional Repair System

Transitional Repair System

Tackles tricky transitions effectively and easily, eliminating the need for excavation.