Basement Repair Kit

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S1E’s Basement Repair Kit is an advantageous DIY kit for the homeowner or contractor looking to rehabilitate cracks in foundation walls. S1E’s quality products, GreyCoat Epoxy and HyperFlex, work together to form a seal that is unlike any on the market today. Whether your walls are leaking now or are beginning to develop foundation issues, this kit can act as a long-lasting and reliable repair that will give you professional confidence.


This product is designed to repair leaks in solid or poured concrete, stone and brick walls. While this kit can be applied on wet surfaces, it is recommended for the surrounding area to be dry. Designed to repair up to a 10 ft. long crack.

Why GreyCoat and HyperFlex?

GreyCoat is a premium 100% solids epoxy that offers outstanding chemical resistance and lasting durability with adhesion to concrete substrates and metal surfaces. Prepackaged as a no mess coating system that offers extensive coverage and shrink resistance, GreyCoat is excellent for structural spot repairs.

  • Structural repair
  • Long-lasting
  • Reduces product waste
  • Superior adhesion
  • Fast cure time
  • 100% solids monolithic

HyperFlex is a single component, pre-catalyzed hydrophobic polyurethane grout that has proven to be extremely versatile in a variety of infrastructure rehabilitation applications. Because of HyperFlex’s slower reaction time, the material is able to travel further with better coverage to seal the leak and protect against future infiltrations.

  • Pre-catalyzed
  • Water resistant
  • Extensive coverage
  • Non-shrinking
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile

Kit Includes

  • Kit Includes: (kit picture)
  • 2 HyperFlex Tubes
  • 1 GreyCoat two-part epoxy bag
  • 14 injection ports
  • 2 clear poly tubing
  • 2 wooden mixing sticks
  • 1 spreading spatula
  • 2 pair disposable gloves
  • 1 water bottle
S1E Quad Galvanized Steel - S1E-GLVQUAD

Installation Steps:

Sealing a leak or crack in a basement can be a messy and time-consuming process. With S1E’s Basement Repair Kit, GreyCoat and HyperFlex work together in order to create a permanent and reliable repair. Ports are attached along the crack and secured in place using the GreyCoat two-part epoxy. GreyCoat is then applied throughout the crack. HyperFlex polyurethane is then injected into the ports—forcing the material deep inside the wall to create a seal.

1. Prepare Area

S1E Quad Galvanized Steel - S1E-GLVQUAD

2. Install Injection Port

S1E Plastic Quad - S1E-PLQUAD

3. Paste over cracks with GreyCoat

End Outlet - S1E-EO

4. Inject HyperFlex

End Cap - S1E-EC