PipePatch Rapid Repair System - Fast Cure

Rapid Repair System NEW Fast Cure

A no-dig pipe repair system that cures in approximately 30 minutes.

The Rapid PipePatch Repair kit has been developed to meet the demands of our customers and the industry. At Source One Environmental, we’re constantly striving to develop a product range that makes our customers’ lives easier.

PipePatch kits are engineered to ensure guess-free work, with all component parts included, such as protective work surface, protective gloves, cut-to-size fiberglass mat, packer protection sleeves, tie secures, spreader and now, the new two-part ready to mix rapid resin bag. The rapid resin cures in approximately 30 minutes, meaning PipePatch no-dig pipe repairs can be completed quicker than ever.


The PipePatch kits contain the necessary pre-measured items to complete a point repair. Each kit includes a fiberglass mat, resin & hardener, packer protection sleeves, spreading spatula, tape, wire ties, work surface and gloves. This process guarantees a successful repair for each customer, eliminating the need for large storage areas and guesswork.

PipePatch Rapid Repair System - Resin Package

Features & Benefits

  • Kitted system containing all components
  • Ideal for improving efficiency
  • Quick cure time
  • Unique pre-measured resin bag guarantees correct mix
  • Lowers cost of labor
  • Trenchless point repair technology

Technical Specifications

  • At 68°F, the working time is 6-7 minutes, with acure time of approximately 30 minutes
  • Lower temperatures extend working and curetime
  • Higher temperatures reduce working and curetime
  • The working and cure time starts when the resin is mixed
Rapid Repair Kit - PipePatch Rapid Repair System
Rapid Repair Kits - 4”-6”
Part No. Description
FPP-4RAPID 4” x 24” Rapid Kit
FPP-4X48RAPID 4” x 48” Rapid Kit
FPP-6RAPID 6” x 24” Rapid Kit
FPP-6X48RAPID 6” x 48” Rapid Kit
Rapid Repair Equipment - PipePatch Rapid Repair System
Rapid Repair Equipment
Part No. Description
FPP-REG-ASM Air Regulator (0 to 35 psi)
FPP-PUSHROD 5’ PipePatch Push Rod
FPP-ADAPTER PipePatch Flex Adapter
FPP-PULLCABLE 250’ Coated Pull Cable
FPP-PULLCABLE500 500’ Coated Pull Cable
FPP-HR3-24 Hose Reel Assembly for 3”-24”
FPP-SLV448MP 4” Protective Sleeve (10 pcs)
FPP-SLV648MP 6” Protective Sleeve (10 pcs)
Repair Packer 24 Inch - PipePatch Rapid Repair System
Repair Packers - 3”-24” x 24”
Part No. Description
FPP-PACK4-6 4”-6” x 24” PipePatch Packer
Repair Packer 48 Inch - PipePatch Rapid Repair System
Repair Packers - 3”-24” x 48”
Part No. Description
FPP-PACK4-6X48 4”-6” x 48” PipePatch Packer