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Total Asset Management Solutions

Mobile Mapping


Mobile mapping collects above-ground visible assets from a moving vehicle and designs topographic survey data. These assets can include manholes, light poles, utility features, curbs, barriers and more elements a municipality may need to collect. When developing a asset management program, mobile mapping has proved to be a cost-effective service to gather spatial above-ground information.

  • Survey-grade accuracy
  • 360 degree image coverage
  • Reduced motorist impact and traffic control
  • Fast mobilization and asset collection
  • 1.1 Mhz LiDAR 200 Hz sensor spinning
  • Captures all visible assets for desktop surveying
  • Dataset delivered in a free client viewer with measurement capabilities

GIS Hardware


GIS systems are the heart of any asset management program. By transforming your infrastructure into interactive maps, elements like maintenance records, building plans and inspection videos are easily retrieved and viewed. With our advanced technology and custom integration, your municipality can put together a strong strategic plan to maintain assets, prioritize repairs and effectively budget for the future.

Data Storage

At Crome, we know that every organization collects, stores and uses data differently. Successful data management strategies depend on how efficiently the information is collected, organized and accessed. We emphasize understanding our client's current data processes, and then find solutions to make the process quicker and easier. Sometimes our solutions are transparent and others are ground-up orientated, but primarily they are customized and representative of each client's needs.

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