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Trenchless Technology - PipePatch

With an increasing rate of sanitary and storm sewer deterioration, S1E has become determined to provide an efficient and cost effective trenchless pipe repair solution. PipePatch’s No Dig technology eliminates the extensive and time-consuming need for digging and maneuvering around utilities, allowing contractors to utilize a point pipe repair system to target and eliminate the infiltration directly. PipePatch’s trenchless technology methods reduce high-costs that are typically associated with the dig and replace method. By choosing No Dig, customers will no longer have to replace surfaces like sidewalks, pavements, landscape, sod and etc. Additionally, PipePatch eliminates the negative impacts that would affect the daily life and activities of people, businesses, homes, and traffic in the area, while eliminating environmental pollution and undesirable noise. Our trenchless technology means the same as it sounds, it’s 100% trenchless—no gimmicks or tricks. Eliminating digging and excavating the ground has proven to be beneficial in numerous ways by saving costs, time, resources, the environment and more. PipePatch continues to bring quality service and materials to each customer and pipe rehabilitation, allowing everyone to carry on with their daily lives unaltered.

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